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Camaleonda sofa

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In its re-edition, Camaleonda preserves intact the elements that have made it an icon. Faithful to the original project are the 90x90 cm seat module, the backrest and the armrest, as well as the characteristic capitonné, even today obtained through the innovative system of cables, hooks and rings, designed by Mario Bellini in 1970, which guarantees appearance and modularity. The interior has instead been completely redesigned to make Camaleonda even more comfortable than the original as well as sustainable. The internal structure is now built "sandwich", with layers made with recycled or recyclable materials, easily disassembled. The starting point of the seats, backrests and armrests is made up of wooden panels; the padding is made of polyurethane with different densities and bearing capacities, that is different shaped layers that interact with each other creating a comfortable spring effect. An engineering choice that makes Camaleonda extraordinarily comfortable and allows the interior of the sofa to be disassembled and therefore easily recyclable. The fundamental characteristic of Camaleonda is its almost infinite modularity, a geometric nature that allows each element to become a sort of gigantic pixel through which to define one's own home environment. Thanks to tie rods and rings, the modules can be detached and recombined at will, allowing the sofa to adapt to the evolution of taste and the dynamic needs of those who use it, always maintaining its peculiar and unique identity. Camaleonda can be upholstered by drawing on the entire range of fabrics and leathers from the B&B Italia collection, providing an additional variable to the myriad of possible combinations.

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