Arco K 2022 Limited Edition
The Visible Becomes Invisible

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Be one of the few to collect a piece of design history
Only 2000 pieces worldwide

Don't miss out a rare opportunity to own a masterpiece designed by Achille Castiglioni
Flos celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of the legendary Arco with an extraordinary limited, released in an extremely limited pieces.

This is Arco K 2022 Limited Edition

Using a process that didn't exist 60 years ago, the Arco K 2022 Limited Edition shines a light on the structure of the lamp itself, drawing the gaze along the all-important arc to the innovative crystal block. In every other respect, the Arco lamp that we know and love remains unchanged.

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Discover Arco K 2022 Limited Edition


Clearly, it is not just a floor lamp, but a refined piece of furniture ideal for those homes that need an extra touch of wonder and sophistication.

Imagine a soft, warm glow that washes over your space, creating a cozy atmosphere that invites relaxation and serenity. The Arko K Limited Edition lamp does just that, while also adding a pop of style to your décor.

Possessing a Flos Arco means bringing your spaces to life, transforming them into refined and classy environments. This floor lamp is much more than just a simple lighting object: it is a statement of taste and sophistication, a design icon that catches the eye and provoke admiration.

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