Camaleonda: a tribute to Giorgio de Chirico

Camaleonda: a tribute to Giorgio de Chirico - Baituti Home

The film is a tribute to Giorgio De Chirico and his metaphysical style, capable of accompanying us into impossible worlds made of architectures with infinite perspectives, where shadows mark the exasperated geometries. On this stage made entirely of paper, created by the paper artist Mauro Seresini, a chameleon introduces the spectator into the geometries and architectures, taking him as in a dream to each side of the theater without movement restrictions, flying over it and discovering from time to time the real protagonist and muse of the mise-en-scène, the Camaleonda sofa by Mario Bellini.


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“Giorgio de Chirico - like few great artists - separated the flow of art history into "before and after". In front of his works preserved in museums or private collections, I confess that I suffer an irresistible fascination for me, to the point that I often love to leaf through and re-leaf through - never satisfied - my many books dedicated to him”. Mario Bellini, 2020.