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UP 2000 Series

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Designed in 1969, the Up Series has become one of the most sensational symbols of design since its inception thanks to its expressive shapes covered in stretch fabric. An innovative proposal between design and art to be offered to a wide audience, the result of B&B Italia's great technological know-how in the processing of injection polyurethane. Among the armchairs, the iconic UP5_6 stands out with its unmistakable anthropomorphic references: it is in fact a large womb reminiscent of the votive statues of the prehistoric goddesses of fertility. With an extra element, a sphere that acts as a pouf linked to the body of the armchair. The more figurative image of the woman with the ball and chain overlaps the image of comfort and comfort. Gaetano Pesce describes the project as follows: “At that moment I was telling a personal story about my concept of woman: the woman has always been, despite her, a prisoner of herself. So I liked giving this chair the shape of a woman with a ball and chain, which is also the traditional image of the prisoner ". The armchair is also available in a junior version, dedicated to children aged three and up, perfectly faithful to the original but reduced in size. Part of the series, the UP7 “foot”, an object-sculpture, an oversized archaeological fragment, in painted polyurethane.

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