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Naviglio sofa with Qty 3 Decorative cushions

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Visual dialogue between structure and shapes, the Naviglio seating collection is made up of curved, linear, terminal elements, chaise longue and pouf. The synthesis is the essence of the project, starting with the name. The seat base is a riverbed that defines the space to accommodate a sinuous backrest / armrest like a stream. As a piece of a puzzle, each shape has been ergonomically designed to arrive at a single cohesive unit. The section of the backrest and the seats reveal a delicate balance between polygons and curved shapes, in which geometry is soft and rigor blends with comfort. The padding of the different elements is made with polyurethane with different resilience, to accommodate and support the body in the most correct way. The choice was dictated by the very nature of the object, a sofa with direct seat, which does not include cushions at the base. The covers are provided in fabric, in a wide range of types and shades. The back of the back features a continuous decorative insert, a linear element that further emphasizes the continuity of the shape.

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